• AT&T always has the customer in mind.

    AT&T is providing a service for money. If the customers don't buy their service, AT&T dies. That is why whenever they need to do something that everyone hates, they have paid spin doctors to lessen the impact with softer words and phrases to make it all better. In the end, they will do what they want, spin it right, and get their customers' money.

  • AT&T does have the customer in mind

    AT&T does have customers in mind as it moves forward with business decisions. The fact that the government doesn't recognize that Dan says more about the government then it does AT&T. the reality is, companies such as AT&T are nothing without its customers. To suggest otherwise demonstrates a lack of understanding about business in general.

  • AT&T Protects Profits Before People

    AT&T, the leading opponent of using public monies to expand municipal internet accessibility to many Tennessee counties has successfully killed the muni-broadband bill in Tennessee. Many households in Tennessee do not receive adequate internet service, As internet service is quickly becoming a necessity for school-aged children, at-home workers and house-bound individuals, AT&T has once again proved that their profit-motivated bottom line is more important than serving the people of Tennessee.

  • They never do

    No, AT&T doesn't have the customer in mind, because they only care about profits. The way phone contracts work, the customer is locked in to using a specific company for a long time. This means that they don't have an incentive to make the customer happy, because the customer is stuck, no matter what AT&T does.

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