Expansion of the UN Security Council: Should the UN Security Council be expanded?

  • Yes, because there are some important nation in the world.

    There many other nations in the world that can change the global situation. Should be added a seat for the EU, and many other for the BRICS countries, because this countries are becoming very important in the world situation. Also, the countries that, now, have a seat in the UN Security Council, China excepted, are very rich countries with the same interest. The UN should add more seats in the security council for these reason

  • No, it has the important members.

    No, the UN Security Council should not be expanded, because the largest and most powerful nations in the world are already sitting on the Council. There is no need, other than the egos of the smaller countries, to have these countries as members, since they do not pose large threats, or have large armies that would be involved in conflicts.

  • There is no need for expansion

    I feel that the UN security council has no need for expansion, because the UN really does nothing for the USA I feel that if anything in going to happen in the world there has to be action taken, and the UN never takes action, they just pretend they are doing something but dont!

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