• Obama's policies and efforts have created some jobs.

    Obama did managed to create jobs and enable people to find employment. Whether these jobs are required people to take a pay cut is the question. Job creation is commendable, but it must be weighed with the quality of the jobs created compared to those lost and with jobs that were destroyed by his policies, i.e. mining.

  • No, Obama has not created jobs.

    The president of the United States actually has very little to do with economic growth, much less job creation. President Obama has not created jobs--he is not responsible for the jobs that private sector companies create. Employers add jobs to meet their businesses expansion needs. The president can do very little to get companies to create new jobs.

  • Obama really didn't do much to create jobs.

    There has been a long period of job shortages and Obama really hasn't done much to change things. Unemployment is still way too high and jobs are hard to find. Also, most of the jobs that are available are low paying jobs which forces people to have more than one income in order to survive.

  • It is a fiction.

    Obama says that he has created jobs, but he has a funny way of showing it. Obama is manipulating employment statistics. There are many people that have given up looking for jobs. There are households that have just decided to survive on fewer jobs because not everyone can find a job. Obama calls it full employment.

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