Experts predict dark days ahead: Was the Great Depression worse than the Recession of 2007-2010?

  • The Great Depression was worse than the recession of 2007-2010.

    The Great Depression came at a time in American when we were unprepared to care for or handle all of the jobless people and their families. In those days, the man was the breadwinner, and women worked at home. Birth control was not widely available, neither were government programs to provide assistance. Today, we have both husband and wife working, there are many government programs in place to help people make ends meet, and family numbers can be more controlled through birth control methods, which helps ease the burden on families trying to feed children.

  • The Great Depression was a catastrophe compared to the Recession of 2007-2010

    With the Great Depression, there was many far reaching consequences. People were put in a position where they needed to figure out how to survive and this included finding food, clothing and shelter. Although the recent Recession was not a breeze to endure, the consequences weren't as widespread as the Great Depression. Our government has been able to be a safety net for the hungry and homeless, we did not suffer as much as those who endured the Great Depression.

  • I believe so

    We have a lot of help set up now. People can apply for foodstamps, help with paying bills, housing, medical, and tons of other things. They did not have all of those options available to them in The Great Depression era. We should be very thankful we live in the modern era and not the past.

  • No, I think Great Depression was worst

    I feel that the Great Depression was worst. I think that when it happened no one had ever seen anything like that and did not know what to compare it to. I think when the Recession hit people still had options and more help from he government and also we were all told or taught about the Great Depression so had a idea of how thigns were.

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