• Obviously , ,

    Who won the election? I know Clinton had beaten him in the popular vote, and now y'all want to get rid of the electoral system(but back when Obama was elected twice y'all wanted it to stay, but that's none of my business) but Trump still had millions of votes. And if the term popular means well liked by people, then, we can logically infer that more than 75% of his voters liked him. Therefore, he is popular.

  • Yes, he is very popular.

    This are the same experts that confidently told us Mr. Trump would never become a president, they gave Hillary an assurance that she will win the election early in the morning. Trump is very popular not just with the Americans but with the outside world, Russians are ready to work with him and Israel can't wait for him to resume power.

  • He is not popular

    Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton, who is very unpopular in her own right. A lot of Trump's stated plans go against the promises he campaigned on, leading many of his supporters to regret voting for him. Even members of his own party are criticizing him and his plans.

  • No, Trump has alienated too many people.

    No, Donald Trump is not popular, despite being elected the next President of the United States. Trump generally has low popularity ratings in many polls, and a large percentage of Americans find him to be offensive and potentially dangerous. The fact that only around 25-percent of eligible voters voted for him shows how unpopular he is.

  • The majority of people don't think so

    The majority of voting Americans do not find Trump to be popular. I imagine when you factor in the people who chose not to vote and those who were unable to vote, and even some of his voters, that number would grow. His favorability rating is extremely low, and there is hardly a reason to like the man.

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