Expiring Bush tax cuts for the wealthy in 2010: Will expiring Bush tax cuts help reduce income inequality?

  • The Bush tax cuts further inequality

    Getting the Bush tax cuts to be removed is a necessary action if one wants to seriously reduce inequality in our society, as the Bush tax cuts are symbolic and an image of how much inequality does exist within the United States economy. It's time we realize that and demand the rich pay their share.

  • I think the expiring cuts will help reduce inequality.

    Yes, I believe that the expiring Bush tax cuts for the wealthy will help to reduce income inequality. The so called trickle down effect from the wealthy to the poor hasn't been proven to work. Poor people are the ones living from paycheck to paycheck and in dire need of money. The rich are comfortable in life and don't need further tax cuts. The money would be better served to helping the downtrodden.

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