Explosion in Istanbul kills 12: Should Turkey take military action against ISIL?

  • Turkey should take action against ISIL

    I believe that ISIL needs to be stopped. Turkey needs to stop being a victim in this situation. It is not a safe place for its citizens to live - they are leaving by the thousands. The people of Turkey need to stand up for what they want and take serious military action against ISIL in order to create a peaceful environment for their children.

  • ISIL are a militant power!

    This new attack just further confirms the fact that the danger of ISIL is ever present, in many different countries and therefore military action needs to be taken. ISIL have become a dangerous force that continually threatens innocent lives. Just like it was important to prevent the spread of Nazism and it's atrocities, we must also eradicate the threat of ISIL ideology.

  • Killing doesn't help

    An explosion in Turkey does not mean ISIL is responsible for it. Besides, military action just leads to more tension and more problems. Once people stop killing one another, maybe some of these troubles in the world will cease. Maybe if each party could just communicate with the other side, things could change.

  • No, violence begets violence

    Military action is not the correct response here. Violence should not be fought with more violence. Suicide bombers and terrorists will not be impeded by military action; such force is no threat to those well versed in violent measures. Peace is the goal and every effort should be made to bring those to justice.

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