Extent of Trump’s global financial entanglements unclear: Should he sell his companies?

  • Yes, Donald Trump should sell his companies.

    Yes, Donald Trump should be required to sell his companies before assuming the presidency. The full extent of his financial entanglements is not at all clear, and in the interest of transparency, he should sell his companies and focus fully on the job of being president of the United States.

  • It is a potential conflict of interest

    Trump is proving resistant to the idea of selling his companies or putting them into a blind trust where he would not be able to control them. This is a serious problem as it could mean that the President of the United States could be unduly influenced by his business dealings with foreign parties and therefore incapable of acting in the national interest.

  • Trump should sell his companies.

    Trump should sell his companies, or at least transfer all of his ownership to someone else. Having his hands so tangled in international business could be a huge conflict of interest when it comes to his presidency. It may be difficult for him to make decisions that would be good for the nation, yet bad for his businesses. Not owning his companies would be the best way to keep him free and clear to make whatever decisions are best overall, not just decisions that will benefit him directly.

  • Did past presidents get rid of their assets when taking office?

    I have no problem with him relinquishing control of his company to his kids. I think not putting them in trust but doing it outright is the way to go. He is 70 and after 4-8 years of office I just don't see him going back to the business world. Conflict of interest may arise if he is doing his company a favor. I hope he does away with these false charities as well that only have to donate 10% to claim charity status. They should have to donate 75% and out of that very little should be allowed to go private companies that are "friends" with the head of the charity.

  • Put them in trust.

    From what I understand, Trump plans to temporarily leave his companies in the hand of his daughter via a trust. Presidents of the past have done this or similar methods. He will probably want to do this anyway as being president will fill so much of his time and already cause him much stress. Look at past presidents. How fast they aged. This is all due to the load of stress put on them. Trying to run the country and his own businesses would be way too much for anyone to handle. Sure, he may have his companies in the back of his mind when making policy but that would be true for any president.
    Yes, he has interests in overseas companies but what better motive to keep the peace.

  • Trump should not sell his companies

    It was widely known and often a criticism during the campaign that Mr. Trump had numerous holdings worldwide. That is a consideration that the voting public took into consideration and voted for him anyway. Therefore, unless it can be shown that he is actively enriching himself or his companies through the office of the Presidency, he should not be expected to sell them. If and when that happens he should be impeached.

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