Exxon oil pipeline ruptures in Arkansas -- are oil companies evil?

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  • No, not at all.

    First of all, claiming someone is evil simply because of a pipe malfunction does not make a lot of sense. Also, oil companies are often demonized because of how much money they are making. In fact, the government makes about 8 times as much per gallon in California as the oil companies do, and no one is calling the government evil.

  • No, they are not evil.

    The oil pipeline ruptures in Arkansas was not the fault of the oil company itself, but rather due to poor maintenance and upkeep of safety protocol. The company itself did not cause the oil rupture, even though it should take responsibility for their product. One cannot blame an entire corporation itself for the misdeeds of a few.

  • No, that isn't a reason.

    The fact that an oil pipeline failed is not reason enough to conclude that oil companies are evil. First of all, it would not make sense for them to intentionally rupture it, because it would cost money and they would have to deal with lawsuits. It was obviously an accidental incident.

  • Accidental Oil pipeline ruptures does not make oil companies evil.

    Saying the oil companies are evil implies that they are causing spills on purpose. Why would they choose to cause a spill? This leads to loss of profits and loss of public opinion. That is not good business even if you are in the business of being evil. Accidents do happen.

  • No, oil companies are not evil.

    No, I do not believe that just because an Exxon oil pipeline ruptured in Arkansas that necessarily makes oil companies evil. Accidents in all sectors of businesses occur, and I think that a few incidents of accidents with oil companies does not mean in any way that all oil companies are evil.

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