F-22 fighter jet: Is the F-22 fighter jet a good investment for the US military?

  • Yes. Investing in the F-22 is worth it.

    Yes. The long running F-22 fighter jet may have come to an end in terms of production, but that doesn't mean it isn't still at the top of the list in regards to reliable and deadly war tools. Investing in modifications, upgrades, and reliability can only assist to further enhance the jets image and long standing upper rank in the nation's arsenal.

  • Yes, it is a good military weapon.

    Yes, the F-22 fighter jet is a good investment for the US military, because it is fast and powerful. The F-22 allows forces to move quickly, and it is hard to shoot them down. Americans are proud of F-22s, and they give citizens confidence in military operations. The F-22 makes people more likely to support military action.

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