F-35 fighter jet: Is the F-35 fighter jet a good investment for the US military?

  • Yes it is.

    Yes, the F-35 has the capabilities of multiple other aircraft. It can VTOL like the Harrier, electronic counter-measures like the Grolwer and the Prowler, and can maneuver just as well as the F-18. I believe it will save money by taking out multiple other aircraft. This aircraft will be beneficial.

  • Yes it is.

    The F-35 fighter jet is a good investment for the US military because it is cutting edge and we need to stay on top of the newest planes. It is also very economical. So, we will have the best of both worlds. We will have something high-tech and economical as well!

  • Yes to F-35

    The country has been trying to balance the national budget in light of the slowly recovering economic recession. One of the political agendas that the president is not keen on reducing is the defense budget. The defense budget entails the procurement of F-35 fighter jets that should not et curtailed.

  • Its nice, but not a good investment

    The jet is costly at first, and costly to maintain. The jet lacks the abilities of the super hornet, eurofighter, growler and f-22 by a long shot. Its stealth and weapons load is horrible compared to those jets, it's slow, and its wickedly expensive. While it would he a cool jet to maybe buy 40 of at most, just for 'jet diveresity', the U.S is buying 2,670 F-35's! For an average $129 Million each that's $344 Billion in aquirement costs, and the US has already given $64 Billion for testing and over $250 billion for research and design, and has given lockheed a $680 Billion contract to maintain the jets for 10 years. A terrible investment that costs redicously lots, for a jet that is good but definetly not great.

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