F-Bomb dropped regarding the VA: is cleaning up the airwaves more important than cleaning up the VA?

  • You can argue without profanity.

    Cleaning up the airwaves is not necessarily more important than cleaning up the VA, but both of these things are necessary. Many parents listen to the news with their children. They shouldn't have to worry about hearing profanity just because they want to stay informed about what is going on in the world.

  • Cleaning up the the VA is much more important than worrying about language

    The worrisome reports that many veterans are sharing in regards to treatment within the VA should be an absolute concern to this entire country. While crass language is not always necessary, it shouldn't deter the public away from the real issue. The F-bomb being dropped during a debate is not causing any harm to anyone, whereas mishandling of cases within the VA often have a life or death consequence.

  • No, Cleaning up the VA is more important

    I think people should use as strong language as is necessary to discuss the VA. The VA needs to be cleaned up so that vets get the services they need and deserve. The people who have served our country, risking their lives, should be taken care of at all costs.

  • Harsh language should not distract from the real problems with the VA.

    The harsh language that was used on live TV should not distract from the real problems with the VA. It is terrible that veterans in our country are losing their benefits. The foul language used was inappropriate, but it pales in comparison to the real issue. Fixing the VA should be the top priority.

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