Facebook Aquires Occulus: Will Virtual Reality Be the Social Network of the Future?

  • Occulus seems to be very popular and could very well take over...

    If Occulus is able to incorporate the popular aspects of Facebook and other parts of the internet,combined with it's overwhelmingly fascinating use of technology to overpower our senses and present a realistic "virtual" world, then people will gravitate towards it. The reviews on the product have been outstanding and people some to love it.

  • Yes it will,

    I believe that in this technological day-in-age that virtual reality will be the future of not only social media but video games, entertainment, and even work. I think that the Occulus is great and I know the Sony is working on Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4, I think we will see a great rise in the production and demand for Virtual Reality and the systems that comes with and (entail) it will be a great step forward in technology.

  • Yes it will be

    Yes it will be we will be wearing 3d glasses for everything eventually. This is how the social media networks are going to be able to start charging to use their services because ads are not going to be able to pay for it all. The prices will be within reason though.

  • Another way for the government to study social interaction.

    People want to be social, and the trend is shifting into unknown territory. With that said, Snowden has proved that governments can access this information while sticking a tag that says "We can do what we want, for the safety of the country." So, the real problem is that people will not trust said government with another tool to use for spying. They can access these databases and notice trends from people about, what they like, what music they listen to, and potentially weed out targets. This virtual reality will bring them one step closer to our inner thoughts, due to our direct nature of virtual manipulation. It's like taking a camera and placing it in a room full of objects, to see how a person reacts to each one, all without the permission of the person.

  • Too Much Distrust

    I do not believe virtual reality will be the social networking of the future. I believe people are losing interest and faith in social networking. As people come to understand the manipulation of the companies and the government, they will move away from these platforms. I think we'll see a resurgence of people who want to interact one on one.

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