Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion: Is Oculus overvalued?

  • Oculus is overvalued.

    Facebook should not have spent as much money buying the Occulus corporation. It is not clear that the investment will ever pay off. Facebook is a social networking website, and it should not venture into other industries such as virtual reality. Facebook should focus on its core business rather than building hardware.

  • Competition for the wear in social media is happening right now.

    Google glasses and Samsungs watch is becoming a new wave of needed or wanted technology. With that said Facebooks purchase of the Oculus is not a surprise, but it may be that it would be rather uncomfortable to wear. Google glasses has already appeared in a Subway commercial and there has been plenty of commercials for Samsungs neat digital phone watch. These new technologies are going to make socializing much more interactive and easier to do while grocery shopping. It would only make sense for Mark Zuckerberg to get on the virtual reality competition train and attempt to make it social as well. I do agree that since Facebook has gone public it has been much more frustrating to use, but it has also put him in a place where new technology can help Facebook and other social networks grow away from sitting in front of a screen. Also games on Facebook like Farmville will be much more realistic to play. Oculus will not be useless in the realm of gaming or social networking it has become a great platform to build from whether its virtual gaming or soon social networking.

  • This evaluation was spot on

    Facebook understands the future, they understand that they have to be buyers if they are going to be a part of that future. This acquisition shows how much facebook wants to spread their reach. This valuation had to understand that there were other companies like google, apple, and amazon. Right now large companies are trying to put themselves in position to be in better position then the rest, so they are still around in the future.

  • Is Oculus Expensive?

    Looking at all the video games that are out here now, you can go to the store and buy Game Console for $300-$600, Now depending on what this game is offering, there might be less to say about it. what are the features. Does it fit the buyers needs? These are the questions that will be asked, when purchasing this. Only time will be able to tell, and it's still up to the shopper to purchase or not.

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