• Occulus was a waste of money.

    Facebook should not have wasted its money buying Occulus. It is not clear that Facebook's core business will ever be profitable. Rather than venturing into new, pie-in-the-sky industries, Facebook should instead focus on making its first business profitable. This investment will probably prove to be a waste in the future.

  • Yes, the purchase of Oculus will benefit Facebook by providing a platform for virtual reality applications

    Yes, the purchase of Oculus will provide Facebook with a valuable tool enter the futuristic world of virtual reality. This purchase will allow Facebook to stay on the cutting edge of technology and add to its portfolio of tools. Although the price of Oculus was quite high, this investment will help Facebook to retain its current subscribers and cultivate new users in the future. The purchase of Oculus is a wise investment for Facebook.

  • Oculus is not a waste of money.

    Why do you think Facebook bought the Oculus? They are not ignorant to buy it without scrutinizing the possibilities. Of course, before arriving to that idea, they made sure that it could help them take back the money that they would be spending in purchasing such by using it as an avenue in generating more revenues and income.

  • Facebook's purchase of Oculus a good buy

    No, Facebook's purchase of Oculus was not a waste of money. According to news reports, Oculus is a company that makes gear for enhancing video games. For Facebook users and gamers alike, this could be a marriage made in technology heaven. I believe that if the situation is played right, Facebook will be able to stay relevant with future technological advances in face to face communication.

  • Facebook & Oculus

    From what I can see, Face Book is sticking with the future. They feel that technology is going to over power in the future, and they want to advance, then maybe they will create more jobs for families, to have more money some one will have to run the operations.

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