Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion. What this a waste of money?

  • Attempt to see off competition.

    Complete waste of money. Is Mr Z going to throw a large sum of money at any start up company that shows initiative, I used whatsapp to get away from facebook.

    Facebook is getting to invasive, 19 billion for a company that makes 20 million or so makes no sense. Its all about that fictitious world of pie in the sky market evaluations. And controlling whatsapp through the tentacles of facebook. It is Anti competitive i have no doubt about that, Its just a text messenger, it just worked better than facebook and without the profiled advertisements.

    The money that FB paid is equal to the whole Nasa budget for 2013. Ingenuity and endeavour to reach the furthermost parts of the universe. But thats great because i can text an alien when they find one.

    Admittedly there are other chat programs out there. And other text programs come on the market every week. And soon one of them will be popular amongst the THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO USE FACEBOOK. I think Social Media company's should invent their own currency. Clearly the valuations are in a different world from other industries. Global pie in the sky.

    Open up a store near Mr Z. Charge him 500, 000 for his morning paper. He an afford it.

  • Zuckerberg is an idiot

    It's about time Facebook loses its dominance in the SNS arena. The profited generated by WhatsApp per year doesn't even justify a single billion. I am not even sure what Zuckerberg is smoking. This is a huge mistake that will come back to bite his ass. Mark Zuckerberg is an idiot.

  • No it was money well spent

    Money well spent in my opinion. WhatsApp is the most widely used mobile texting app worldwide, beating out Facebook's own messaging app called "Facebook Messenger". The mobile messaging market is enormous and will only continue to grow over the next 10 years. This purchase more than doubles Facebook's market-share in one fell swoop. A worthy acquisition from my perspective. Well done!

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