Facebook 'censors' naked statue of sea god Neptune. Should simple nudity ever be considered obscene?

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  • Nudity is not porn

    Pornography is images of sex. Simple nudity in itself is not sexual, and has no need to be censored. As a nudist I have to say that we need to abolish the term "private parts". Everybody knows what the other gender has. What is private about it?
    Seeing simple nudity is normal and healthy, especially for kids growing up.
    There is no such thing as naked people, there is just people, and clothed people.

  • No, simple nudity is one of the most natural states of being and should not be considered obscene.

    If simple nudity is censored, my 2-year-old daughter would spend half her day behind a big black box. People need to realize that simple nudity is not sexual. If you sexualize our natural state, you add a layer of weirdness to everything. Now personal censorship is another thing. If you don't want see anything naked, don't use Facebook or hang out with 2 year olds.

  • No, simple nudity itself should not be considered obscene

    No, Facebook should not censor photos of nude statues, if they are done as fine art. Obscenity has a great deal to do with context and intent. Nudity as part of art and history is not obscene. It is a look into the experiences of people in the past. They may be inappropriate for some audiences such as children, but Facebook already has an age limit.

  • No, simple nudity should not be considered obscene.

    No, simple nudity should not be considered obscene. All human beings are born nude. If they are clean people, they are also nude at least once a day to shower. They are also most likely nude during the procreative activity that is necessary to perpetuate the human species. There is nothing obscene about nudity.

  • America is too uptight.

    Compared to other developed countries, the United States is very, very uptight. Americans could have much healthier attitudes about their bodies if they considered super nudity tasteful. It would send a better message for children and would help them see their bodies more realistically as they grow up. People should be allowed to see for themselves what they want to look at.

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