Facebook considers drones: Should the government limit drone use?

  • Yes, I think the Government should limit drone use.

    I think that there should be sensible laws on the appropriate use of drones by individuals and companies, I think people and companies should be able to use drones but there needs to be clear rules on what is acceptable and what is not, I think this is a new area of technology that needs to be monitored.

  • Crowding the Skies is a Problem

    If Facebook begins to use drones and Amazon decides to deliver packages by drones, other business will decide to do the same thing. Soon the sky will be filled with these machines. They might not disrupt the flight paths of commercial jets, but they could be annoying to police helicopters and other low-flying vehicles. They also could be dangerous around electrical lines. The government should limit the use of drones.

  • Yes, law-abiding citizens deserve privacy.

    Yes, all governments should limit the use of drones. I feel that law abiding citizens are entitled to a certain amount of privacy. We often say that people are "innocent until proven guilty", so why should we be constantly monitored on the off-chance that we are doing something uncouth, or even just something interesting? Many people do things that are not necessarily dangerous or illegal, but they wish to keep those activities private, and that is a human right that we should act to preserve.

  • Be like hell no

    We should be able to evolve and use our technology as we choose as long as it is not restricting other people's use or stealing files you are not supposed to have. We should not have to deal with a limit on our own drones that we have worked hard to build.

  • The government should not limit drone use.

    Drones are the wave of the future, and the government should not limit their use among private companies. It is important for companies like Facebook to use their technological knowledge to help improve these new inventions. It is clear that drones will have many beneficial effects for people in the future.

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