Facebook is one of the biggest spying tools used today, they know all our secrets. So should Facebook be deleted or quarantined?

Asked by: Ventulus
  • Facebook is a two-headed coin!!!

    Facebook is a social network connecting millions and billions of people all over the world.Its very necessary to give accurate and essential information to stand out in the crowd of people and help others to find us on Facebook. Since there is a chance that different people can share same name and closely related information,proper identity could be better revealed by a pic of ours.This helps our friends to locate is ,meanwhile this personal information and photo given by us could be misused by others.With this i conclude saying that Facebook is one of the biggest spying tool unless it is used for genuine purpose.

  • Facebook is dangerous for our life.

    * with this website, they know our friends, our family, our job, our location, what we like, who we like, they have our pictures and our videos, our phone number our plans and our practices.
    * I have a personal experience, I have been hacked, and the hacker is someone who I know. Than he knows all my secrets, my conversations... Facebook is a good tool if you don't upload your personal information.

  • Facebook selling personality profiles

    I comment on news site articles and some of those sites require a Facebook account such that when you submit a post to the news site a Facebook page is displayed saying that Facebook will allow the news site to review your friends and other relations on Facebook. Obviously, Facebook is selling personality profiles about their customers to business with an interest in that kind of information. Facebook is using the personal information and personal usage on their site as a business data resource for their own purposes and I doubt many of their users realize what their activity on Facebook is being used for.

    In addition Facebook has been aggressively obtaining key identification information from its users such as drivers licenses, birth certificates, medical records by disabling users accounts and requiring the upload of this information before even discussing why the account was disabled. Facebook is holding a user's investment in pictures and personal contact relations hostage to obtain more specific user identification that makes their personality profile business more valuable.

  • Let Facebook Die

    I disagree, I do not believe Facebook should be deleted or quarantined. I believe Facebook has the quantity of information they do have because people rightfully chose to put their information there. They were not forced. I believe more and more people will abandon Facebook and be more aware of privacy concerns in the future.

  • Nobody is forcing you

    Nobody is forcing you to use it. When you created an account, you agreed to a terms of service. Nobody held you hostage until you created an account. You agreed to the terms of service of use, and thus you agreed to your info being used. It is ridiculous that this is even being asked.

  • You dont have to use facebook

    You can post whatever you want on facebook because people are going to look at it... Why is this even a question? If you don't want information to be shown to people, don't post on facebook. The internet does not have privacy, and posting your address and other information is your mistake, not facebook's

  • It's optional to use.,

    You aren't being spied on... Don't think yourself so special. The Government doesn't care who you are. Believe it or not, the Government a selective on who it used resources spying on. You aren't on that list.

    If you really think the Government's spying on you, protest the Government, not Facebook, and don't use Facebook.

    Seriously, no one is spying on you. The Government is spying on some people, but not on every paranoid person.

  • It is clearly optional.

    Personal information on the Internet is nothing new and people should know full well what the risk is. Facebook is also one of the few, good ways that people can share and interact effortlessly from around the world: many people agree.

    Also, if, like this post says, they already know "all our secrets"; then we have nothing to lose anyway.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T18:12:31.057
Users should have to personally and actively opt in to any and all public posting of their personal information. Permissions should be set for any direct access to that information by the staff. Any breaches in personally privacy should be clearly stated in their EULA, with a default opt out but choices to opt in before any information is made public.

This is the best way to protect children and minors (the most important) as well as more privacy conscious or less technically educated individuals.