Facebook Privacy Guidelines: Is it fair that Facebook owns everything you post?

  • When you joined, you accepted the terms and conditions.

    Any person with half a brain wouldn't sign a contract without knowing it's details and fine print. This is the same for terms and conditions found on user oriented websites such as Facebook. When the use signs up, they agree to the terms and conditions by use or directly clicking a button saying "I agree" (or something similar). This agreement is as binding to your account as a signed contract is to your person. If you don't or never liked Facebook's policies, you shouldn't have signed up or you should leave it and close your account to prevent further "information stealing", which you originally agreed to in signing up/in.

  • So long as people know about it

    If Facebook makes people aware that this is the case there is no problem with this at all. If its in the terms of service then if you dont like it then dont sign up and post all of your personal information on it. It seems like common sense to me to be honest. Now if it was a secret that would be a problem.

  • No, we have ownership on our data and dictate distribution of that data

    Facebook should not own everything we post. It is the users information being posted with their consent at that moment. The ownership is with the user. In order for ownership to switch hands, an agreement must be made between the two parties. Facebook does not ask users for ownership; therefore, they are breaking moral and ethical laws.

  • yes and no

    I think they should make it more obvious to people, I was not aware that they own everything that I post. I don't like that they own my kid's pictures and things like that. I will have to look into that now! I mean, I get it because it is their page, but making it more known would be cool.

  • I do not think Facebook should own everything people post.

    I think that Facebook claiming ownership over everything on their site is ridiculous. It is like the post office saying that they own all of the mail. Facebook hosts millions of users, and what the users post belongs to them, not to Facebook. I think that the privacy guidelines are terrible.

  • They Really don't

    None of the user policy agreements you check off on the internet are legally binding. They wont hold up in a court case if you ever get to a court with a legitimate claim. These things just keep people from attempting to make a legal claim. So no they don't own it but no one will take the time to stop them from using your post for their own purposes.

  • Unfair and Not Clear

    Anyone who posts anything online, whether it is on Facebook or elsewhere, runs the risk of having that information used for purposes other than what it was posted for. Nobody can deny that. But Facebook to claim ownership of posts is completely beyond the bounds of fairness. If you post something and then take it down, it should belong to you. If Facebook uses your posts for financial gain, part of the gain should go to you.

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