Facebook stocks hit record high: Can Facebook continue to satisfy stockholders' expectations (yes) or has it hit its peak (no)?

  • I don't believe facebook has reached its peak!

    Even though some companies start off with nothing and become very popular, they don't always last. A great example is Myspace. At one point, Myspace was the number one social media but It didn't last long until Facebook came out. The fact that Facebook is still very popular after all these years and after so much companies coming out with social media sites and apps, facebook is still number 1.

  • Yes, Facebook continues to reinvent itself

    Yes, Facebook can continue to satisfy stockholders' expectations. Every six months to one year, Facebook reinvents itself in ways that maintain its status as a cutting edge social media platform. Even with new social media sites like Google+, Facebook remains a favorite social media platform for young adults and older social media users alike. Facebook will continue to satisfy sotckholders' expectations because it is an innovative brand that is willing to transform itself frequently to stay relevant.

  • No, I do not believe Facebook can continue to satisfy stockholders' expectations

    No, I do not believe Facebook can continue to satisfy stockholders' expectations. Facebook has outperformed expectations, and no company can continue to perform at that level. By purchasing Oculus, I believe they are showing that they cannot sustain with their current book of business, and need to take a chance on a new technology in order to continue to perform.

  • Facebook Will Continue To Rise

    Facebook is destined to be a growth share. The company virtually has no competitors, its subscription base enlarges every minute and lots of businesses use the platform to boost their sales. These few Facebook aspects and its unique business model will support continues shares prices growth. In seldom gloom economy cases the shares may reverse, but this will be for a short period and afterwards the shares will start climbing again.

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