Facebook virus: Does the government control our lives through the social networking site Facebook?

  • They know about us.

    Yes, the government controls our lives through the social networking site Facebook, because they are able to data mine so much off of us. Everything that you type into Facebook, even the cached stuff, is kept and evaluated by Facebook. Facebook, Google and the United States government all work together to keep our information. I know I sound paranoid but it's complete truth.

  • No, the government does not control our lives through facebook.

    Just like any other social site, Facebook offers a platform over which people from all over the world interact with one another. Privacty to personal information is one of the foremost consideration of any social site, therefore in no way can the government be able to control our lives using facebook or any other social site.

  • The Government Does Not Control Our Lives

    In some respects the government may want to control our lives. However they are far from this goal. It is even clearer that the government is not conrolling our lvies through facebook. Even if they did attempt this, all you would have to do to avoid it was to not join or leave facebook.

  • Facbook isn't as scary as it is made out to be

    I do not think the government is controlling anything through Facebook. However, I do think they use it to track those that need to be tracked. As with anything, if you are not doing anything wrong you simply have nothing to worry about. It is the people who have things to hide that take up most isue with Facebook and the government.

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