Facebook's autoplay video feature is destroying cell phone bills: Should we be alerted about these features?

  • Facebook Will Never Stop

    Facebook is beyond the control of anyone at this point. The butterfly effect goes with everything that Facebook does now; it is that big. Every time that put in a new policy, procedure, app or setting, something else will dramatically change. Facebook has to ask its users, all one billion plus of us, every time they make a change.

  • Yes, we should.

    I think Facebook is doing a lot of unethical things on their site lately. They do not provide adequate virus protection, their new Facebook messenger system is awful and now this. I think it should be illegal for facebook to be able to run up cell phone bills without authorization.

  • Yes, we should

    They should have an alert and an option to shut it off before they even start it. It does take up alot of internet to have those videos all automatically playing all the time. Facebook should also make the options and changes more clear to the people who use it as well.

  • Yes, Facebook's Autoplay video feature destroys cell phone bills

    Yes, the auto play feature can ruin cell phone bills. Because the videos play automatically, it can use more data than someone intends. Although this is not a problem for those on wireless Internet, it is a problem for those who are using roaming data. We should be alerted about the auto play feature, and given the immediate ability to turn it off.

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