• I would prefer Snapchat

    Snap, Inc. Develops a text and photos based messaging app for mobile phones. Its platform enables users an photos sharing with friends and control how long they can view their message. The company was founded by Evan Thomas Spiegel, Frank Reginald Brown IV, and Robert C. Murphy in July 2011 and is headquartered in Venice, CA.

    Shares of Snap Inc. SNAP, -0.15% fell more than 12%, reversing two straight sessions of upswings since its market debut. The selloff followed two more bearish initiations on Wall Street, adding snap stock forecast to several others stocks that have emerged in the past few days claiming the stock is overvalued. Snap Inc. Stock soared another 11% to top $27 Friday after rocketing higher in its market debut the day before, but a wave of analyst initiations Friday show Wall Street doesn’t think Snap is worth the price.

    A number of analysts in recent days have expressed concern that Snap stock is overvalued, particularly when it was trading well above its IPO price in the high-$20s range. The average rating on the stock among a poll of six analysts surveyed by FactSet is the equivalent to sell, while the average price target is $16.50, below Snap’s IPO price.
    Now currently Snap stock price is 20.22$. As they are growing up we must look forward to invest in Snap Stock.

  • Facebook vs Snapchat

    Facebook is a very popular social media site, unlike which doesn't even go in top 10. Facebook has just lasted for such a long time, people have become fond of Facebook. Even though Snapchat is more comfortable to use, just because of Facebook's memories Facebook has a chance on competing with Snapchat

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