• Yes, America does have a math problem.

    Yes, America does have a math problem. However, this is not terribly new. American students used to be the best educated students in the world. However, due to the low priority our country holds on education as well as the cuts have been made at several layers of government, we have fallen greatly.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Conventional wisdom is that top U.S. students fare well compared to their peers across the globe. According to this line of reasoning, the US doesn’t make it on the list of the top 25 countries in math (or top 15 in reading) because America has higher poverty and racial diversity than other countries do, which drags down the national average.
    How can you teach a class with 30 kids, when one child is running around trying to stab their neighbors with a pair of scissors and another screaming obscenities! Bet you don’t see that in China!

  • Yes, America has a math problem

    Americans are becoming less and less able to do various types of math problems. Part of this is a lack of necessity. With so much technology at everyone's disposal, there is no need to facilitate the learning of various math strategies. Another part of the problem may be an overall decline in emphasis on education.

  • America does not have a new found math problem

    America does not have a new found math problem. It does have a continuation of a math problem that is getting worse. This completely underscores the failure of government schools and what happens when government is in charge of education. And it seems the problem is to push the bar lower and lower so our precious little snowflake children advance through school when they have no business being moved on. All in the name of a false sense of accomplishment.

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