Fair Tax: Is the Fair Tax proposal in the United States a good idea?

  • The economy would flourish.

    Fair tax abolishes the 16th amendment (unconstitutionally used) and abolishes the IRS. It is a win-win. I am only concerned with Income tax, I view it as property. Meaning the government has not right to it, base on the language of the 1st amendment. I know the fair tax is go beyond income tax, but to many it is the main selling point. If you think putting more money in the hand of individual is the key to economic success, abolishing income tax is going to do just that. Fair tax is the favorite child of free market. And I am done in the bathroom. I would love to see a debate for Flat vs. Fair tax.

  • It will support our economy

    Fair tax proposal would benefit to united states in many ways. Fair tax proposal would have increased tax, which would help the economic growth. It is called Fair tax proposal for reason, it has tax based on income levels and corporate tax to be fair. There are both pros and cons of this proposal.

  • Fair tax is a good idea.

    Taxation is a very picky point in this country, with many people differing on how the rich should be taxed versus the poor. The Fair Tax proposal is not perfect, but it at least makes some attempt to deal with these differences in a way that might be fair to those who are struggling.

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