Fairness Doctrine: Has modern media made Fairness Doctrine irrelevant?

  • Yes it has.

    The Fairness Doctrine is now no longer relevant with the rise of modern media. The Fairness Doctrine requires broadcasters to give equal coverage to both sides of a story, to the people watching can make informed decisions. There needs to be new laws that cover modern media because the Fairness Doctrine is obsolete.

  • Fairness Doctrine is outdated and no longer the law

    Fairness Doctrine refers to regulation that was placed by FCC on broadcasters. It required broadcasters to provide adequate and fair coverage of public issues, mandating that opposing views get equal amounts of air time to ensure that viewers are presented with diverse views, particularly when a subject is controversial. Fairness Doctrine was abolished in 2011 and is no longer the law. Modern media has certainly contributed to the doctrine's demise. With proliferation of modern media, like the Internet, the argument for equal air time became obsolete, because Internet created countless forums for discussing controversial issues accessible to anyone at low or no cost.

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