Fairness Doctrine: Should the Fairness Doctrine in the United States be reinstated?

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  • There's nothing fair about it

    The Fairness Doctrine is another example of well-meaning legislation having the opposite of its intended effect.While giving all viewpoints time on the air seems like a good idea, in reality, it gives equal weight to dissenting views as to mainstream ones. While dissent is important in a free society, on many issues - science, fact, well tested consensus - giving a minority viewpoint equal airtime only legitimizes an incorrect and potentially damaging point of view.

  • Fairness Doctrine No Longer Needed

    The fairness doctrine was designed to provide for what was perceived to be an unbiased presentation of controversial issues. With so many options to receive news, however, people should have the right to choose how they want to watch the news. Liberal or conservative, freedom of speech gives people to watch the news, biased or not.

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