Fake virginity kits: Are fake virginity kits a good idea in cultures demanding premarital abstinence?

  • Ffake virginity kits are a good idea in cultures demanding premarital abstinence.

    It is unfair and sexist to demand that women are virgins when they are married. Furthermore, many girls rupture their hymens as a result of sports or just everyday activities. There needs to be an option for girls who grow up in repressive societies. Fake virginity kits are a safe way to protect women's rights.

  • Only in case of rape.

    Let's say you're a nice Afghani girl. You're walking through a scary city, going to the market for your family. You get lost, turn down a wrong alley, then BOOM. You've just been raped. Most women in Middle Eastern countries would be stoned to death for admitting this happened to them. For a premarital woman like our poor victim, a fake virginity kit would be great for her first time with that new husband of hers who totally thinks she's a virgin!

  • Telling lies doesn't solve the problem, it perpetuates it

    The idea of holding people to an abstinence cultural norm is kind of ridiculous. But if that is your culture, then it would be telling lies to your future spouse.

    I believe in honesty, and I don't want to marry someone who would lie to me. I don't want to marry someone who is not on the same page with me in terms of values in general.

    The answer is to shift these cultures away from the expectation, not cover it up and hide the problem. This only perpetuates the issue, leaving pre-marital sex as a cultural taboo.

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