Falcons on the Moroccan island of Mogador catch and eat other small birds: Would you ever resort to cannibalism to stay alive?

  • Only in a matter of life or death.

    If I ever found myself in a situation that was so desperate it was a choice between life or death, with absolutely no other option for survival, I would then, and only then, consider resorting to cannibalism. It would be an absolutely heartbreaking decision to make, but I think in a life or death situation with that as my only option to stay alive, I would choose life.

  • Yes, cannibalism is a viable last resort.

    Yes, the concept of eating another human's flesh is repulsive, but in the face of ones own death it usually the less awful option. History shows that most people choose cannibalism when starvation becomes dire enough, as displayed in everything from stranded mountaineers and crashed planes to the massive Ukraine genocide-by-starvation brought on by Stalin. Besides, how much worse could it be than what we eat in discount store hotdogs?

  • It's hard to judge.

    It is too hard to judge what a person would do in a crisis situation. It is one thing to sit in a warm house with a full belly and say that a person would be outrageous to do a certain thing. It is a completely different situation to be starving to death. We shouldn't judge.

  • No, i disagree.

    No, i would never resort to cannibalism to stay alive. Falcon on the Moroccan Island of Mogador should continue catching and eating other small birds. We human being's were created and given the right to eat particular types of things including some small birds. Therefore, i see nothing wrong with this.

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madness says2016-11-17T08:58:20.260
That's not cannibalism.