Falkland Islands, return of: Did Spain (yes) or Britain (no) first discover the Falklands/Malvinas?

  • Yes, Spain Found Falkland Islands first. Former name Malvinas is Spanish.

    Yes, Spain located the Falkland Islands first and demonstrating so is quite easy due to the original name of the islands. "Malvinas" is a Spanish name as its "i" makes the same sound as a long "e" in English, and the "as" at the end denotes it being of Spanish origin as well.

  • No, Britain first discovered the Falkland Islands.

    In my opinion it was Britain that first discovered the Falkland Islands and based on the history as I understand it the Spanish conquered the islands and then abandoned them to the existing inhabitant left living who were British and it is the people that make up the populous not the government that wants to enslave them.

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