Falkland Islands, return of: Should the United Kingdom hand over the Falkland Islands to Argentina?

  • The Falklands should return to Argentina.

    The Falklands should return to Argentina. The Islands are way too far away from the United Kingdom to be governed properly. Also, the Argentineans were doing a fine job governing the Islands until the British thought that it was okay to take them. It is only right for the inhabitants of the Islands to be returned to Argentina.

  • The sun should set on the British Empire.

    I believe they should. From what I know of the area it is not populated by Britain's but by Argentinians. The British have no other interests in this area anymore now that they are no longer an Empire. They should give it to the Argentinian Government if the people in that area want that. They should put it to a vote.

  • There's no reason Argentina should get them

    Argentina only wants them because they're closer, and that is not a valid reason. A referendum was held and over 99% of the residents want to remain a British colony. However, Argentina has chosen to ignore the people's opinion. With the logic the Argentine government is using, everyone should give their territory to Argentina.

  • Absolutely NOT! The Falklanders already voted on this issue and it should be settled...But is not

    The Falkland Islands held a referendum on this question a few years back, and the people overwhelmingly said yes. But the Argentinians said it was void because the population "was implanted by the English!" Of course they are British, because the land WAS COLONIZED BY THEM IN THE 1800s WHEN THE SPANISH LEFT! If we give them to the Argentinians, then you might as well give all the other British colonies to Argentina! The Argentinians have gone to drastic measures just to get them, like for example saying that they should rule the Falklands because they're closer to them!! That doesn't mean anything. The Falklands have the right to say what they want...

  • They are not entitled to it

    It never belonged to Argentina, Just because it is close to them, that does not mean it should be theirs... They are just being difficult. They tried and failed. In my opinion, the Brits should have bombed the crap out of Buenos Aires, see how they like it. And, there WAS a vote, the Falkland Islanders want to remain British. It is up to them, not the Argie pigs. If the Argies take it, it'll fall into debt.. Just wait, you'll see. (If it ever DOES go to the argies)

  • The sun shall NEVER set on the British Empire

    They have put it to vote, and do you know the results? 99.8% of the Falkland Islanders wish the remain British. Return to Argentina? The only time the Argies had 'em, was for the brief period of time during the 1980's, just before the British Task Force successfully took them back. What bell's do you hear ringing? I hear the bell's, of a failed, corrupt and unstable government pulling out these old claims to try and cover up the evidently ailing Argentinian economy, and try to distract the people from the true and present issues the country faces. Considering the facts that a militaristic government, which where only a matter of miles away from these glorious islands (as you say) failed to defeat a nation over 1000 miles away just goes to show that they are in no business of running the Falkland Islands. I suggest you Americans keep your interfering noses out of British Imperial Foreign Policy.

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