False reporting about France terrorist attack: Is quality journalism on the downfall?

  • Yes, quality journalism is on the downfall.

    I have worked as a journalist, in newsrooms and freelance, and I have seen firsthand that quality journalism is on the downfall. The news seems to be entirely dictated by the government. This does not allow journalism to the Fourth Pillar that it is supposed to be in order to regulate the other three branches.

  • The internet has made it difficult to detect tabloid type stories from true reports of newsworthy events.

    In the past, it was very easy to detect tabloid publications from those that presented verified newsworthy information. With the introduction of the worldwide web, however, the lines between legitimate news and junk content in the form of advertisements or propaganda intended solely for the purpose of driving traffic to a website are sometimes very blurred. Because it is not always easy to tell, it becomes difficult to separate reliable news resources from those that are not, and readers do not always choose well and, in the process, believe information that is not always accurate.

  • Yes, quality journalism is becoming harder to find.

    With the promise of being the first media outlet to report on a new 'scoop', the risks posed to journalistic integrity are substantial. As reporters scramble to get a story out, they may be tempted to bias the safeguards designed to ensure that the information reported is accurate. This is truly unfortunate.

  • Yes, where are all the good journalists?

    In my personal opinion, there appears to be a huge gap between quality journalists, and those who simply wish to get a story out there with no regard to the truth. Today, there are fewer journalists who demand facts before reporting, thus causing an uproar within the profession.

    Situations such as this, are the root of why people shy away from the media.

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