Fame after being shot: After Wenseslao Moguel survived his attempted execution, was it right for him to profit off the story?

  • Yes, it was.

    He has a right to tell his side of his story and make money from it. He is not going to be executed again, so it fine. It is not the same thing as profiting off a crime that he has committed. Instead he is profiting off a terrible experience he had.

  • Yes, it's his right to tell his story.

    Yes, after being shot and surviving his attempted execution, Moguel has every right to share his story with whoever wants to listen. If he puts it in a book or a movie and people buy the book or watch the movie, and he profits, there's nothing wrong with that. It's his story, it happened to him, and if he wants to write about it, he has every right to.

  • Yes, it was right for Wenseslao Moguel to profit off of his experience.

    Yes, there is no problem with Wenseslao Moguel profiting off of his unfortunate experience of getting shot. Mr. Moguel experienced something that few of us can imagine: an attempt to kill him. We should not pass judgement on him for using this terrible experience to improve his quality of life.

  • This would be like rewarding bad behavior.

    If an incarcerated individual has committed crimes severe enough to warrant the death penalty, they should not be allowed to profit in any way from circumstances associated with their crime. This is lust like rewarding bad behavior which is not acceptable in any situation. When a person commits violent crimes, they should be prepared to give up all their rights, including those to profit from any stories, publicity, etc.

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