Fans are remembering Aaliyah today as a tomboy-ish beauty. Was she tomboy?

  • Yes, a bit.

    She was a bit tomboyish, but she mostly was very talented. I remember her best because of the Vampire movie she was in. She did a really great job in that movie and it seemed a little ironic that so shortly after playing an immortal being, she died at a really young age.

  • Yes, Aaliyah was a tomboy.

    The term Tomboy is certainly used in relation to its speaker. In Aaliyah's case, the woman certainly seemed to revel in the style of clothes most often thought of as being exclusively for men. In this sense, one might call her a tomboy, though there is certainly nothing wrong with it.

  • No, Aaliyah wasn't a tomboy

    Aaliyah had her own sense of fashion and she pulled it off. Today, gender trends are becoming more and more blurred as people are freer to explore individuality and to express their sexuality in new ways People like to label each other. It comes naturally to us, but I don't think she was a tomboy.

  • No, Aaliyah wasn't a tomboy.

    No, I do no't think Aaliyah was a tomboy. My idea of a tomboy is a girl that dresses like boy and acts like a boy does. Aaliyah wasn't a tomboy. She was a girl who seemed to be really feminine if you watch her old music videos and interviews. If she wore boy's clothes, it's because in the '90s everybody wore baggy clothes, including girls.

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