• Brendan will make a huge come back!!!

    Brendan is now at the stage in his life where he can show his real deep, emotional, acting abilities. All it takes is one good movie to break out and have a franchise or one hit wonder. Brendan has always done light hearted comedies and family action films. His spectrum is huge when it comes to subject matter. Wish him the best.

  • He's a very capable actor.

    Brendan Fraser has proven that he is a very competent and talented actor who is capable of taking on complex and sophisticated roles. This ability coupled with his enormous popularity among the public will ensure that he will be given a fair opportunity to re-enter the movie business and it is likely that he will make a success of it.

  • Yes, Brendan Fraser will have a successful comeback

    Brendan Fraser must have a loyal fan base because they have been petitioning Hollywood on his behalf. Some stars have a short success and move on to other things. The comeback for Brendan will depend on how well his acting efforts are and if he is offered the right part. His petition will help to bring some attention to his name again.

  • No, fans are too few and too fickle to support Brendan Fraser's comeback.

    Although, Brendan Fraser has had many successful roles in previous films, his greatest hits were largely in the 90's. A petition signed by roughly 7,400 people is not enough to warrant Hollywood shelling out large sums of money on the actor. Today's audiences want younger, more talented stars in their films.

  • He does not have a large fan base.

    People who liked Brendan Fraser back in the day mostly liked him because they were teenagers and they thought he was young and good looking. Fraser doesn't have a large base of fans. He doesn't have enough fans to have any real staying power as an older movie star. It just isn't going to work with older fans.

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