Farady's Future: Will the new Faraday model save the luxury car maker?

  • Yes, it will.

    The new Faraday model is innovative enough to bring something truely new to the brand, but brings back the features that fans love about Faraday cars. These classic features are a testament to the luxury and innovation in design that Faraday is known for. This is sure to revitalize the brand.

  • Faraday is moving in the right direction with new model

    Faraday has a lot riding on the success of its latest electric-powered luxury vehicle. Tesla has shown that there is a market for this type car and is building a powerful brand from it. Faraday can probably do the same and is moving in a positive direction with its latest model.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The Faraday brand is tied to a Chinese multibillionaire with towering ambitions and an equally tall pile of cash. The company declined to identify its ownership and investors, but a review of incorporation papers filed with the California secretary of state's office links Faraday to a Chinese media company operated by Jia Yueting, an entrepreneur who founded Leshi Internet Information & Technology. Jia is worth $7 billion, according to Forbes, which ranked him as China's 17th richest person. Earlier this year, Jia told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted to develop a car that would rival Tesla.

  • Maybe, but I'm not sure

    Depending on the what you read, Farady's new car is 'a stumbling launch' or a bright spot for the 'king of electric cars'. The car itself has one of the largest batteries among electric cars and can travel at some of the fastest speeds. Still not sure what that will mean for the luxury car market. I do think wealthy folks will be interested in purchasing the driverless valet, and in the asthetics of the FF91.

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