Farm run by robots: Are robots the next step in sustainable agriculture?

  • Potato potato roboto

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  • Robots should do the hard work

    I think it is normal to build machines that do the work that we find to be extenuating and tiring for human normal bodies. We advance in technology for that purpose, and it will grow more stuff because then the farmer who is now free (because the robot works for him) can develop new ways to grow.

  • That sounds resourceful.

    While people are losing jobs, robots can take over some of the jobs that today's generation aren't interested in, like agriculture. Not a lot of the 00s are very interested in farming, even if they grew up on a farm, therefore, I think that having robots as a replacement is pretty cool.

  • Automation is the future.

    Today's farmers and others in industry are looking for ways to reduce their costs without reducing the quality of their products. Huge advancements have been made in the field of robotics over the last decade. It's only a matter of time before these robots are able to make a farmer's job easier by automating tasks that would take a human much longer to complete.

  • A farm run by robots is not the next step in sustainable agriculture.

    Sustainable agriculture requires much more insight than a robot can provide. Robots would not be able to run a farm because there are many different judgments that need to be made when running a farm, some of them being ethical. These types of judgments need to be made by human beings because they affect our food supply, which is vital to our health and the continuation of our existence.

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