Fast & Furious: Will the 7th movie in this franchise be the best?

  • Yes the 7th, and likely final, movie in the Fast & Furious series will be the best!

    **SPOILER ALERT** In my opinion the 7th, and what is likely to be the final, movie in the Fast & Furious series will be the best! The producer of the series have already decided that Brian O'Conner the character played by the deceased Paul Walker will retire, rather than die in the movie. The leaves lot of leeway in script creation.

  • Yes, this will be the best.

    Yes, I believe Fast & Furious 7 will be the best and most popular movie of the franchise. Paul Walker was a defining icon of the franchise with thousands of fans worldwide. Due to his untimely death, I believe people will go to see this as a last tribute to him.

  • More Than Likely

    Some of the films in the Fast & Furious franchise are better than the others. I think the 7th, which is more than likely the last, will probably be the best. We'll see the final shots of Walker, which will mean a lot to the fans, as I'm sure it will be important for the creators as well. I think there is a good chance that this film will do well.

  • No it will not be

    No it will not it is over done with 7 movies it wasn't very good after the first 2 movies. Anything over 2 is not good because it is all about the same thing over and over again. If you look at past movies they are not going to do that well.

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