Fast Food Protests: Should fast food workers make more than minimum wage?

  • When workers have more to spend, we all have more.

    America has become more and more a service economy, and the people who provide those services are being left behind. Not only should fast food workers make more than minimum wage because it's simply the right thing morally, but we as a country and an economy benefit from the greater spending power that a raise would bring to lower income workers. Workers in the lower income brackets tend to put a larger percentage of their earnings back into the economy, in the form of consumer purchases, than do people who make more money. This money should not be sitting in the outrageously bloated top 5% when it could be circulating through the greater economy. Also, the American taxpayer should not have to subsidize profitable companies like McDonald's in the form of assistance to their workers, who are so underpaid they cannot feed themselves and their children. It should be a shame to each and every citizen that people in America who work full time jobs have to rely on government assistance for fundamental expenses like food and housing.

  • I think that fast food workers should get higher wages.

    There are three million people in the United States that have jobs at a fast food restaurant, and they are only making eight to nine dollars an hour. I have done my research about this topic. If they had higher wages, the government wouldn't have to pay for their food stamps or there medicaid.

  • Yes, I think fast food wokers should make more.

    Yes, I think fast food workers should make more. I think that raising the minimum wage is the only choice we have for the economy. I think people need a better chance at really being able to feed their families. Its a shame when someone works full time and can't pay bills.

  • No, Fast Food Workers Should Only Make Minimum Wage

    Working in the fast food industry entails working a job that is considered to be low-skilled. As low-skilled workers, fast food employees should not be paid over minimum wage. Furthermore, if fast food workers received more than the hourly minimum wage, fast food restaurants would be forced to raise their prices to achieve a profit. These higher prices would adversely affect the consumer as well as threaten the jobs of the fast food employees themselves due to a likely decrease in sales.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    I don't understand why the focus is always on fast food worker and not on the millions of other jobs that get paid minimum wage. If the job is easily replaceable with unskilled labor then your value in the marketplace is going to be lower. That's how the economy works and it makes sense.

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