Fast Food Wages: Should fast food workers have a share in their company's profits?

  • When the middle class falls, then America will fall because the rich are dependent on them

    CEO and billionaire businessmen & women are dependent on the workers; without the workers, CEOs are useless. Fast food works should be paid more than 18k a year when the CEO makes 8.75 million dollars. Walmart works too! They make averagely about 27k a year. In states like New Jersey that's impossible to live on with a family. You might make if you have welfare and SNAP benefits and no family but that's it. It's impossible for these people to live without government welfare. The same people that oppose giving the employees more, are the same people that oppose welfare; make up your bloody mind. Do you want them to have money to live on their own or be "dependent" on government because it's one or the other. Y'all scream "tax breaks!" but the only people that get tax breaks are the millionaires. Jesus told y'all to heal the sick and feed the poor not bleed the poor to feed the rich.

  • Workers are more than just fodder for the elites.

    While I disagree with the wage being increased all the way to $15 per hour, I think that workers deserve much more than the paltry amount they are given today. Many low-income workers are struggling to support families, some, despite being educated. It is an injustice that large corporations like McDonald's are allowed to take advantage of people's desperation.

  • Workers make the product

    Even though executives may have the ideas that make a profit in fast food, the bottom line comes down to the workers and the service they provide. Even if you like a product, you may avoid a restaurant if the service is crappy or the workers are unpleasant. Therefore, fast food success can be attributed in part to the workers. They should share in the profits they helped generate.

  • All employees should have a share

    I don't believe this argument should stop at fast food employees. As long as corporations refuse to pay their employees a living wage, they should be forced to share their massive profits with those whose backs support it, the workers. It is absurd that a person who sits in a board room and who has a minuscule impact on the company can make hundreds of times more than the person working 40 hours per week at the company. Employees should be fairly compensated.

  • Men before them built the company they did not.

    The fast food chains are some men's legacies. They did all the hard work. They went through the hardships to make the company what it is. Did the worker who's been there like a year go through this? Even if the previous owner has long since past away. He still intended it to be passed down through his family or sold to the highest bidder. The statement above is a far right view. Just because you are working somewhere doesn't mean you deserve a share. It would be unfair towards the original owner and his family or the person who purchased the company.

  • No, fast good workers should not receive a share in the company's profits.

    No, I think fast good workers should receive a set wage and that's it. When you look at what goes into a company, while the fast food workers are important, they are interchangeable. The key players, the ones that the company can't run without are the ones that deserve a share, because they give back to the company with their innovative ideas. They keep the company up and running.

  • No, I don't believe there should be a forced profit sharing.

    I believe a lot can be done to increase the wages of fast food workers and make customer service better, but I don't think profit sharing is the way to go. Many large companies don't offer profit sharing to even their highest level directors so I don't think hourly workers should be offered it as their work is essential but not very skilled. I believe good work should be rewarded with merit increases and raises as the employers see fit.

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