• Yes there should.

    There should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax there should be fat tax

  • We need a freedom!

    If we have a fat tax, our freedom wil gone! We have a right to choose food what we want to eat. People who like fast food will have a stress if they can not eat fast food. We need a freedom. We need to be free! Don't ban our freedom. Just let us to eat fast food!

  • I think there should we will get fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    I think there should because we should not all be sitting in are house eating junk food all day we should. Go out side get around workout and when you are sitting inside doing nothing when you could be communicating with other so next time you are sitting inside think about it.

  • There should be a tax on fatty foods

    In economics, the system of incentives through government taxation is one of the driving forces. Taxing fatty foods would cause people to be forced to choose to eat healthier if they wish to save money. This would lead the companies that make the food to produce more healthy food to meet the demand. This would improve the health of the nation.

  • More taxes on fatty food will control its nagetive effects.

    I think there should be tax on fatty food. Not to pull in more revenue for the government but for peoples health it would be a good idea. Obesity these days is increasing due to fatty foods. And more tax on these kinds of food will prevent people from less consumption, which would benefit people.

  • Fat tax is a bad idea.

    Denmark had attempted a fat tax, and ultimately failed. This fat tax idea is completely absurd, and doesn't have a chance of working. I'd advice we find a smarter alternative, instead of investing in a tax that has a low chance of success, even so, the fat tax would only stop obesity by 3%

  • No fat tax

    No fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax no ft tax no fat tax no fat tax no fat tax please we need a snack once in a wile

    NO FAT TAX q=

  • No, we can't tax everything.

    No, there should not be a tax on fatty foods, because the government cannot possibly tax everything that people possibly do. There are taxes on way too many things already. Too much of anything is bad for you. The government cannot possibly regulate every inch of our lives. Enough is enough. I want to eat junk food whenever I want to.

  • No Fat Tax

    We shouldn't tax fatty foods in the United States. Such a tax is unethical and would probably be struck down in court as unconstitutional. The fact of the matter is that this sort of sin tax doesn't work because it penalizes people for liking a certain type of food or drink.

  • There should not be a tax on fatty foods.

    There should not be a tax on fatty foods. People do not want a nanny state interfering in small issues dealing with their diets. People will not obey the suggestion that they should avoid fatty foods, but they will resent a government that oversteps its bounds and tries to control people.

  • There should not.

    There should not be a tax on fatty foods. If someone wants to eat fatty or other unhealthy foods should be able to do so without having to pay an extra tax on it. They have the choice to eat whatever they want to, and you would be hindering that choice by putting a tax on fatty food.

  • It would target poor people.

    There's no need to add a tax on fatty foods. While I'm sure some food police types will argue it's for the best, it's yet another form of class warfare from the usual suspects. Why? Because such a tax would unfairly target the poorer communities, who often have worse food choices because that's what is available where they live.

  • No they can't

    Is a tax on unhealthy foods the best way to reduce their consumption? Will it reduce obesity in America? Of course not. Why dont they make healthy food cheaper rather than tax unhealthy food? If they would really care about the people they would make the healthy food cheaper and try to educate the people with their lifestyle.

  • People Are Making Healthier Decisions

    I would not want to impose a Fat Tax on foods that contain more fat because I feel that people today are making an extra effort to eat healthier foods. Those that cannot afford a healthier lifestyle or a healthier diet tend to eat less fatty foods to keep their weight down; because of this, we should not penalize that percentage of citizens that are unable to afford healthier foods and are stuck with fatty foods. If we end up taxing those foods, those who are unable to afford healthier foods will have to pay more for the same processed foods and that would be a negative impact on the lower class.

  • No, there should not be tax on fatty foods.

    I believe that there should not be tax on fatty foods. The idea is as ridiculous as trying to control the size of sodas people drink in fast food restaurants. Yes, fatty foods are bad for your health. But the bottom line is what we eat or drink is a matter of personal choice. Taxes should not be put on food as "punishment." You are what you eat. If you eat badly and have poor health as a result, that's your own decision.

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