Fat tax: Will a fat tax cause the consumption of healthy foods?

  • Fat tax could help.

    Applying fat tax on fatty foods or junk food might actually be helpful in fighting obesity which is a rising problem currently. Today, a healthy salad costs more than a burger. Applying fat tax on fatty foods may not result in everyone consuming healthier food but it will definitely result in a lot of people eating healthier.

  • Fatty foods are bad. If you tax it it will discourage people to eat it.

    A "fat tax" or "junk food tax" refers to a tax or surcharge placed upon fattening foods or beverages. The concept of a "fat tax" gained attention in the early 1980s when it was suggested that revenue from junk food taxes could be used to subsidize healthy foods and fund nutrition campaigns.

  • This is a stupid question.

    If you apply more tax on fatty foods, you’re not going to stop anyone from eating unhealthy foods. It’s like if you give people free money, but take a dollar for every five dollars. You just barely inconvenience anyone by doing something completely unnecessary. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid question.

  • Kill der fats

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  • Fat tax will not cause consumption of healthy foods.

    Look at all the "sin" taxes we already have in the United States. The taxes on alcohol and cigarettes drive the prices way up yet many people still use them. Also, with alcohol and tobacco there are proven and absolute negative effects, whereas with "unhealthy" foods there is no scientific certainty that they are unhealthy.

  • Fat tax will not increase healthy eating.

    A fat tax will not cause consumption of healthy foods. Smokers still smoke in spite of increasing taxes. Furthermore, this is a ridiculous and unfair tax. How is healthy defined? People on EBT already get food tax free. Those not getting public assistance would be paying the tax while those on it would not.

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