• Yes, Europe does.

    Yes, Europe does have control of its own destiny. The people need to band together and work for good. They need to vote people into power who are smart and compassionate. The leaders need to work for the good of the people and the world. This is not going to come from outside. It's in Europe's hands.

  • Yes, Europe has control over its own destiny

    Yes, Europe has control over its own destiny. There is no reason to believe that the continent does not have control over its own destiny. Things that happen in other parts of the world impact that section of the world, however, Europe itself has the power to control most of the things that happen in that specific area.

  • I hope so

    To a certain extent, most prosperous nations should be able to have control over their destiny. We live in a global world, even if some don't want to admit that, so nations need to communicate and co-exist, and often collaborate, but yes, Europe should be able to control it's destiny. Brexit has thrown a pretty big wrench in that works, but who knows...

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