• Oh hell yeah!

    My current grill is a cheap piece of Chinese cra....Ftsmanship. I would love a new grill for Father's Day! That would totally rock and enable me to go and invite all my friends over for a ginormous BBQ. I've got my eye on a beautiful Canadian made broil king - and one day it will be mine. Oh yes it will be mine!

  • Many Dads DO want a grill!

    What man doesn't love the thrill of cooking on fire! Men seem to think that it is their primeval necessity to cook outdoors and like nothing more than poking around on a grill. What better gift to give the average man than a grill! Better than a tie any day!

  • Yes, practical fathers love practical gifts

    There are many fathers out there that would love to receive a new grill for Father's Day. Although traditionally fathers have been known as the "breadwinners", in American culture there is something about manhood in that thrives being the "meatgrillers". A freshly grilled steak made by the sweat of his own brow is better than any tie a child could give.

  • No and that's sexist

    That's like saying all moms really want new pots and pans to cook with or really want a new mop or cleaning thing. It's sexist and stereotypical. What a parent (male or female) really wants is just to have their child with theme and to be respected and loved and to bond with their child. Going out and getting something for them will never compare to simply sitting down and saying i love you to them and eating dinner with them.

  • No, Dad wants your respect.

    Dads need to know that we respect them and their effort. Also, we should give dad something that he wants, and that suits him. I know that my dad would be fine with a new grill (we actually need one) but it wouldn't make his day. On the other hand, if I write him an encouraging note that tells him how much I love, respect, and appreciate him, he will keep it for years and read it over and over.
    (Extra Bonus: It's cheap and easy to store, but its value is priceless.
    Of course, some dads would prefer the grill, but I know I would like something less typical, more original that demonstrates how much the giver cares.

  • He wants free time.

    No, Dad does not really want a grill for Father's Day, because that is just a stereotype. Lots of dads do not live where it is practical to do a lot of grilling. There are also fathers that do not like to spend their time grilling. Each father should have their own family pick out their own father's day gift.

  • No, typically "masculine" gifts do not exist

    The belief that people of certain genders are somehow conditioned to prefer items that are commonly associated with their gender is not correct. There are gender-neutral items such as books, clothing and cologne/perfume that are perfectly acceptable as presents as well. It is simply dependant upon the person what kind of gift they prefer.

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OnlyGodCanJudgeMe says2014-06-12T22:27:38.953
No they don't! Dads want something they can use. Everyone thinks that they want tools, grills, or cologne kits. Dads want things they need, but never receive. Find out what your father values most and get that for him instead.