Father's Day: Should you make your greeting cards by hand for a more personal touch?

  • More people should make their own Father's Day greeting cards

    More people should make their own Father's Day greeting cards to give a more personal touch. In this day, it is too easy to get an impersonal present that can be bought on online. A hand made card shows effort and thought. This shows the person you care enough to personalize a card.

  • It also saves money.

    When it comes to gifts it does not matter how much money you sped on something. What matters is how much thought you put into something. A card made with love, care, and thought is twenty times better then some card you bought at the store at the last minute.

  • You should make personal cards

    There are multiple reasons I think you should make personalized cards for someone, not only on Father's Day. First, it can save money. Those generic cards can be very pricey. Also, I think the receiver will feel you have put more into it if it is personalized to them. I think everyone should create these personalized cards.

  • Yes, it should be something simple, but made it wih love.

    The relationship that you share with your father is special, something only you two can cherish and understand. Father’s Day is celebrated with great pomp and show as children express their love and gratitude to their fathers or father figures who have guided them through life. It should be something simple , but made it with love.

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