Father's Day: Should you spend as much money on Father's Day gifts as you spend on Mother's Day gifts?

  • Yes, we should spend as much money on Father's Day gifts as we spend on Mother's Day gifts

    Yes, if we spend a lot of money for Mother's Day gifts we should do the same for Father's Day. I don't think Father's Day gets as much credit in the eye of the media and there are some awesome fathers out there. In general, I don't think we should be spending fortune for both Mother's and Father's Days but instead show them love and respect every day.

  • Dad Deserves His Day, Too!

    I do spend as much on my dad as I do on my mom. Dads work just as hard as moms at being good parents. My dad has always been there for me, and I want to show him that I care, same as I show my mom. I don't know what I will give my dad yet, but it will be nice.

  • Yes. You should spend the same amount of money

    You should spend the same amount of money on Father's day gifts as you do Mother's day gifts. Fathers should be just as important to you as Mother's are. Father's deserve to be treated special on Fathers day just as Mothers are on Mother's day. There should be no difference.

  • Dads are just as important in your life

    I think the traditional image of a Mum receiving presents and breakfast in bed is one that we can all remember. But our Dads raised us just as much and love us just as much. While your Dad does not need a traditional gift, they might love to spend time with us or have an opportunity to just relax instead.

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