FBI arrests Volkswagen over emmissions tests. Should car companies be held responsible for faking the results of these tests?

  • Yes, car companies should be responsible for falsifying test results.

    So refreshing to see that sometimes people really are held account for their wrong doing. It seems like in every financial crisis there is a witch hunt that ends up with lots of headlines and no one in jail for gross misconduct. Company executives need to be held accountable the same way private citizens are.

  • Yes, they should.

    Above all else it is important to be able to trust the results of the test. Of course, now that the general public knows that Volkswagen and possibly other companies have lied and falsified the results of theses tests it will be difficult for the public to ever trust them again.

  • The law should be upheld

    Corporate crimes kill more people every year than street crimes do, so it's about time that governments stood up to these criminals. You shouldn't be able to break a law to make a bunch of money, pay fines that are less than you made, and otherwise get off scot free. Maybe they will think twice next time.

  • Yes of course they should be held responsible

    It is correct that justice should be served because the people behind the scandal have misled a huge amount of customers, and in fact all of us, even those who have never bought a VW. It shouldn't just be specific to one company though, the same punishment should be handed out to other car firms if they are found to have done the same behavior.

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