• Yes, no institution is partial nowdays.

    The recent allegations implicating the FBI with unprofessional behavior has made me cast doubt its partiality, It started with Hillary Clinton's email saga and now the tweet. The FBI is highly compromised in its undertakings and I think to some extend political inclination by officials is to be blamed for this mess.

  • No, the FBI is not an impartial organization.

    No, the FBI is not an impartial organization because they have shown bias in this election. They did not do anything to hurt Trump's chances but they have made it harder for Clinton to win. It is unfair that they have shown favorites and they should have no say in the outcome.

  • They have their biases.

    Both the FBI and the Department of Justice have shown their biases when it comes to the Clinton and Trump election. They each have made it clear that they want a certain side to win. They pretend to be impartial but everyone in the government has an agenda. Ultimately, it is Americans who lose out on honest government.

  • No it is not

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is definitely not impartial. After all, all you have to do is look at who funds them, corrupt politicians and the government. There are no impartial organisationns, all of them have an agenda somehow. The only reason they are investigating their own tweet is because the social media is public

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