FBI joins the search for "affluenza" teen Ethan Couch: Is this a good use of resources?

  • This case is important

    This case is important, because might change the decision in a jury in new case with the same tipe of people like Ethan. He is a killer and he need stay in prision, maybe for some people other group like the police do this thing but in this situation they help to resolve a crime. I think is an example for other person, finally you got to the jail

  • Get to the bottom of things

    Finding missing persons is an important task our intelligence agency can do. It answers many questions the family has. It allows people to know the full story of what happened to an individual who plays a significant role in the lives of many others. We are all connected so it is good that we are looking out for each other.

  • His crimes warrant the search

    Ethan Couch may only be eighteen years old and it's been questioned whether he understands the severity of his crimes, but the fact remains that he killed four people and injured two others while driving under the influence. The FBI using resources to track down a murderer is absolutely reasonable.

  • The FBI is Running Out of Things to Do.

    There are better ways the FBI could be spending the money granted for persons search. I am sure there is an investigator on the case from the home town that would love the chance to prove his tracking skills. This is just a kid running scared with the enabling help of his parents. I say let the community where the crime took place deal with tracking him down.

  • Affluenza Monster Inside Him

    It is understandable that a person of this statue, that has hastily taken the innocent lives of others during a free style night of adventure due to an extreme act of carelessness with a spoiled attitude, should be apprehended, but I believe this person can be retained without the force and expenses of the FBI. A normal citizen now has the capability of locating a person with all the new phone applications and technology. I believe there are much larger dangers in this world that should be called upon to use the time and efforts of this task force than hunting down a selfless teenager. He will/can be caught and pay his dues in good time.

  • I'm sure they have better things to worry about.

    You're going to send the FBI after somebody who committed a hit and run crime? Not to say that this isn't bad, but there are worse things happening in this country that the FBI could use their manpower and resources for rather than chase after some drunk rich kid. It's not as if he's going on a hit and run killing spree, he does need to be caught but don't you think sending the FBI after him is overkill?

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